This year 2019 our project was redesigned and we migrated from cryptonote to a simple token on the Waves platform. This will allow us to focus on developing our new product, so we don't have to worry about wallet and network issues like cryptonote.

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We present to the world MDToken a currency that must be used to buy and sell products and services developed by the team of and its partners, our organization works in the development of web applications and tools using blockchain technology with the objective of make the world a better place in a decentralized way, enabling a more just world.

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NBR2 is a global asset used to market products and services quickly, safely and transparently.
Name: NBR2
Ticker: NBR2
Maximum Supply : 3.360.000,00 NBR2
Block time: 60 sec
Minimum transaction fee: 0.5 NBR2

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Neutrino USD (USDN) is an algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and collateralized by the WAVES token. All operations involving USDN, such as issuance, staking and reward payouts, are fully transparent and governed by a smart contract. Any deviations from the 1:1 ratio can be counteracted by arbitration bots, given that every USDN token is backed by WAVES. USDN’s sustainability is ensured with Neutrino System Base Token (NSBT) through issuing, trading and liquidation mechanics. When the value of WAVES against USD rises, a reserve fund is formed to provide backing in case WAVES’ price drops. When the reserve fund is not sufficient to compensate for a decline in value, the smart contract issues and sells NSBT with a discount, enabling users to collect a profit by selling the token in the future.

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Niobio Cash

Niobio Cash is a decentralized, open-source crypto-currency available on the website which is a version-controlled source code hosting platform that allows programmers, utilities, or any user on the platform to contribute to projects private and / or Open Source files from anywhere in the world, so you can check their encoding and possible improvements through the
The NBR currency is based on technology development CryptoNote a technology that allows the creation of egalitarian and anonymous cryptomeda, the same technology used in the currency Bytecoin (BCN), Monero (XMR) and other currencies that can be checked through the WIKIPÉDIA ( ), this technology is managed by the , where the NBR was made available through the forum of new currencies created with this technology, and can be accessed through the following link
The main purpose of the NBR digital currency is to sponsor research and the development of new technologies based on the Niobium (Ore). Thus, 5% of the total mining, by the partner pools, with the purpose of sponsoring projects related to this raw material. It is currently used in important and diverse areas, such as: magnetic resonance tomographers, jet aircraft turbines, nuclear industry and gas pipelines.

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TUNACOIN is a project whose main goal is to integrate the members active in the global trade of oceanic products mainly Tuna, with consumers in all parts of the world in order to conduct transactions safely and efficiently, generating greater stability in transactions. avoiding the high fees charged by banks and financial institutions in general.
The entire project is managed and maintained by companies operating in this market for more than 10 years and having in its team professionals with over 40 years of experience in this sector.

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